Is Your Data Gathering Dust?

Collecting data but not doing anything with it? Bring your data from where it is to where it needs to be. We build Data Pipelines to connect and transform data for use to bring the data from where it is to where it can be used. Combine your business data for novel uses and analysis. Make it searchable for fast lookup and exploration. Get an overview of what you have and discover new insights.

Having Trouble Finding that Needle in the Haystack?

Data keeps growing. That's a fact that's not going to change. But with all this data, how can we find anything? We'll make your data searchable for fast lookup, exporation, and discovery of valuable content and information. Stop pecking through mountains of documents to find that needle in a haystack. We use cutting edge search and analysis technologies to automatically organize your valuable information. We'll make finding documents as fast and accurate as a Google search and give you a decision-maker's view of your company's information.

Are You Sitting on a Data Goldmine?

There is a huge opportunity for entrepreneurial business leaders to develop new products using existing business data. After years of operations, many businesses have accumulated stores of valuable data locked away in line-of-business applications and unused databases or file systems. We think of this opportunity as akin to unrealized 'mineral rights'. We use expert data prospecting techniques to discover untapped potential hidden away in your data. Then we help you analyze the business landscape and develop valuable data products to improve operations or enter new markets.