Welcome to UpJump. We solve problems and build neat stuff.

What I Do

If you’re trying to grow your business, reduce costs, or remain competitive, I can help you. I will help you clarify your business goals without getting lost in technical jargon. I will help you get the most value out of software by explaining your options, the investment you’ll need, and where to get started. If you do need software, I’ll build, buy or find it (open-source!) for you and make sure you don’t spend any more than necessary.


Who I Am

Hi, I'm Peter Fries. I'm a professional software consultant and you can hire me!

Why would you want to? I work with a range of programming languages, frameworks, practices and communities and I have many years of experience building line-of-business web applications, managing and analyzing business-critical data, and making it all work together seamlessly. I enjoy working closely with clients, solving problems, and delivering great software. But that’s only half the story!

I undertand that software is tool, not a solution. Successful software delivers business value, not features. Businesses understand this, but many software professionals don’t.


Say Hello.

Send me an email at hello@upjump.com